AroundSquare Knucklebone Modular - Begleri - Skill Toy

Regular price $60.00
The Modular Knucklebone is Aroundsquare’s mix-and-match knuckle roller system, with assorted grip sections and end grips, players can build their own kbone setup based on their shape, size, and weight preferences
At this time, we are offering three different grip sections, all sand-blasted (because it gives you the smoothest play), and all sporting the “a r o u n d s q u a r e” word mark (because legit, right). Details are as follows:
• Titanium (regular length): 10.3g
• Titanium “+5” grip (5mm longer than regular): 12g
• Aluminum (regular length): 6.5g
• Aluminum “+5” grip (5mm longer than regular: 7.5g
As for end knobs, we are now up to eight types. Each has their own feel, and will resonate with the preferences of different players. Details as follows:
• Standard style copper: 63.5g per pair
• Standard style brass: 60g per pair
• Standard style stainless: 55.7g per pair
• Honeybone style aluminum: 14g per pair, and makes a great set of begleri in addition to kbone knobs
• Honeybone style brass: 42.8g per pair; drilled out and can be used as begleri, although quite heavy to sling
• Honeybone style copper: 45.6g per pair
• Skinnybone style titanium: 19.1g per pair; drilled out and can be used as begleri
• Skinnybone style brass: 35.2g per pair; drilled out and can be used as begleri, although quite heavy
The delrin version is light and smooth feeling. Unlike metal and other plastics, delrin has a warm feeling, almost reminiscent of wood. It is also very durable, and stubbornly resists dings and breakage. It will scratch, but because it is relatively light, it tends not to take (or inflict) heavy damage when it is dropped.