Big Larry's Split Knuckle - Begleri by Zeekio -Fidget Toy

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Big Larry's Split Knuckle is four pieces of hardened Steel. It has two hardened steel beads with deep dimpled textured bands.

It is similar to our Knuckle Buster Begleri, but instead of one large bead on each end, we split the bead in two so it has has two smaller beads on each end. Stacked together they are about the same size of the Knuckle Buster, but a little thicker and heavier. In addition to a little more weight, it has a little more jingle and slightly looser feel.

Just under 1.4 ounces (36 g) and two together are about 1 inch.

Comes with a Zeekio drawstring bag and extra cord. Cords come extra long so you can cut them down to your preferred size.

Made by Big Larry, exclusively for Zeekio.