Bravo TriStick Three Point Devil Stick by Bravo Juggling

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Bravo TriStick

Three-point devilstick

The Bravo TriStick is the modern version of the classic devilstick. Beyond the convensional moves gives opportunity to more spectacular tricks. The three-point flowerstick can issue new challenges for advanced players. It is an extraordinary gift for all juggling stick players.

This three-legged flowerstick is manufactured by Bravo Juggling exclusively on the planet. If you intend to try something unique, this must be your choice.

Set (all is included)

• fiberglass legs with silicon cover
• painted rubber tassels
• wooden handsticks with silicon cover
• velcro strap for convenient storage
• waterresistant backsack for
comfortable carrying

Features (why to choose it)

• unique shape: 3 legs
• good for experimenting as it is a not yet
explored prop
• issues new challenges to advanced

Made in Hungary by the Stick Masters at Bravo!