Dragon Droppings Rubberized Chain Mail Metal Footbags

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This footbag is handmade with several hundred interwoven Anodized Aluminum and stretchy Neoprene Rubber rings. The colored portions are made out of anodized aluminum. This means that they are very tough and that with normal use the color will last a very long time. If you use it on concrete or dirt, the color may scratch off or fade. This footbag is filled with aluminum rings and weighs around an ounce (About 30g). When laying on a flat surface, it is about 2.5 inches (6cm) wide, and 1 inch (3cm) tall. Because it is 50% Neoprene rubber, this footbag is nice and squishy, has great bounce to it, and is great for tricks and stunts. It is also extremely comfortable as a stress ball. It also more forgiving if you accidentally step on it. Great for beginners!