iYoYo Iceberg Yo-Yo- Precision Machined Polycarbonate Core Combined with Stainless Steel Weight Rings

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The iYoYo iCEBERG was made by using precision machined polycarbonate as a core material combined with stainless steel weight rings, this achieved a lightweight (~65g) throw with LOTS of power and superb maneuverability. To finish it up, iYoYo added a newly designed fingerspin zone that feels so natural and easy, it's hard to miss a fingerspin!
Material: Bi-Material - Machined Polycarbonate w/ Stainless Steel
Weight (g): 65
Diameter (mm): 56.95
Width (mm): 42.12
Gap (mm): 4.75
Bearing: Size C - Pixel
Response: iRings - 19mm Slim Pads Compatible