Kitty String Yo-Yo String 10 pk - Nylon

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Nylon kitty string uses a nylon as a new component and really changes string trick play. They also give you just slightly more length averaging around 43 to 45 inches so you have some extra room to adjust (110-115cm). There is no finger loop is tied in the string allowing you to adjust to your height and tie your own. This is the nylon version of kitty string and it gives a completely unique feel and movement. Nylon is slightly stiffer then polyester and because of this really flows through the air so for slack, whip, or suicide tricks the loops created stay open and move fast. Great for learning those types of tricks or just to have fun trying something new. Please note: Nylon string is not recommended for looping yo-yos because the fast looping movement can cause it to melt.In