MonkeyfingeR Begleri - Executive Ape- Delrin & Stainless Steel Design- with Bumperz

Regular price $35.00
Say hello to The Executive Ape. Combining multiple materials giving you a fantastic product. Delrin was used for the top section, being made of plastic and being a solid color throughout this section means the begleri can take a lot of abuse and not show wear and tear. Pressed into the bottom section of the begleri you'll find beautifully machined stainless steel. Where the two sections meet on a gentle curve and show the precision of the machining. This curve greatly reduces the number of sharp collisions produced while playing. Each Executive Ape is also fitted with new smaller sized Bumperz.

The Executive comes packed with the following:
-2 colored beads nested into foam backing
-4 matching bumperz
-3 MonkeyCHORDs 550, 375 and 275
-Split-B pouch
-3 stickers
-1 custom MonkeyfingeR belgeri box.