Yomega - YoYoJam Collaboration Yo-Yo - Journey

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Yomega/YoYoJam Collaboration Yo-Yo - Journey
The YoYoJam Journey is the yoyo that set the standard for competitive plastic yoyo's. Originally, a beginners staple in the YoYoJam lineup, Journey is now enjoying a re-release as a collaboration between Yomega and YoYoJam. The YoYoJam/Yomega Journey yoyo has an adjustable gap feature that allows players to change its responsiveness. If you would like to make it less responsive, loosen the sides, and change the rubber O-ring to a silicone response pad.
The Journey is proudly made in the USA by YoYoJam.
Weight (g): 62.0
Diameter (mm): 57.2
Width (mm): 3.7
Bearing Size: Half SPEC
Bearing Response: O-Ring Bind:
Tug Return