YoYo Zeekio Spin Cycle Yo-Yo - Responsive Beginner Aluminum YoYo with Hubstacks - Includes Extra Bearing for Non-responsive Play

Regular price $18.99

The Zeekio Spin Cycle is a great beginner yo-yo, that offers something for players of all levels. It's responsive, although a good sleeper in the classic sense. It is made of Aluminum and comes in raw silver or deep blue anodized finish.

The Spin Cycle also features spinning side bearing hubs made popular by our good friends at YoyoFactory. This adds a little extra fun for all levels of play.

It is a great addition to any yo-yo collections, no matter the skill level. At a great price, this yo-yo is bound to be a big hit for players looking for some throwback responsive play, or beginners that are just getting used to throwing.

*To use side hubs it is recommended that you use the non-responsive bearing that is included.*


Weight: 65 grams
Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 39 mm
String Gap: 4 mm
Bearing: Responsive Bearing 10 Ball 13 mm x 3 mm
Axle: 10 mm x 4 mm
Response: 19mm Pad