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yoyo Zeekio

yoyo Zeekio Zenith Yo-Yo with Mirror Center

yoyo Zeekio Zenith Yo-Yo with Mirror Center

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Since its introduction, yoyo Zeekio's Zenith has been one of the most popular Delrin yo-yos on the market. If you are looking for a true performance yo-yo made from top grade machined plastic look no further. The Zenith is what you want. It's machined to the highest standards. The Zenith looks as good as it performs with eye catching color combinations. But even more eye catching are those mirror caps. The Zenith with mirror centers will add some flash to your style. By the way if you haven't heard it yet Delrin is ultra smooth for grinds.


Material: Delrin
Weight: 68 g
Diameter: 58 mm
Width: 43 mm
Gap: 5 mm
Bearing: Size C - Stainless

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