Z-Stix Made to Order Handmade Juggling Sticks-Flower/Devil Stick - Banshee 24"

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24" Banshee: A little bigger than the Mosquito, the Banshee offers quick spins at a slightly slower and more deliberate pace. Not quite as slow as the Cruiser, but for someone looking for a stick with a little more heft than the Mosquito, the Banshee might be the perfect fit.

These sticks are 3/8" Fiberglass core, our most popular material. You choose the pattern. All Z-Stix are made to order.

All Handsticks are 17''! *FLOWER COLORS MAY VARY*

*You may request a particular flower color in a note to seller at the time of your purchase*

ALL Z-STIX ARE HANDMADE IN THE USA, and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.