Zeekio Little Evil 2 Yo-Yo - HSPIN Collaboration - Pocket YoYo

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The YoyoZeekio Little Evil 2 is the second generation of the Little Evil. It's new feature? A wider string gap for easier string tricks. A solid, tough, stainless steel Yo-Yo with a pair of sinister spikes at the hub. Don't let the diminutive size fool you - the Little Evil 2 is capable of handling a wide range of tricks and combos you'd never expect from a Yo-Yo this size. Surprisingly stable and forgiving, the Little Evil 2 is an excellent daily carry for those who need to save space in a pocket without sacrificing fun. Unlike most small yo-yos, the Little Evil uses regular yo-yo string. Bonus! Designed exclusively for YoyoZeekio by the master designers at Hspin, the Little Evil is no novelty pocket player. Comes with a protective bag. Weight: 60g Diameter: 40mm Width: 26mm String Gap: 4.8mm Bearing: Size D