Zeekio/Monkey Fist Begleri Collaboration. Breakaway Necklace Begleri- Monkey Barrels - 7075 Aluminum

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This necklace begleri set is made of 7075 Aluminum. They weigh 13.71 Grams.

Each Barrel is 22mm tall, 20mm wide in the center, and 16mm ends. The hole on top is 3mm and 8mm on bottom. These premium quality barrels are made by Monkey Fist Brand Begleri.

They are strung on Zeekio's revolutionary breakaway necklace design. You can wear them, they look great, and when you are to play, just unsnap and play. You can re-snap the necklace to wear it without the begleri, this helps you keep close by for when you are ready to snap them back on. The begleri string is about 7" but can be shortened, the necklace part is about 16", so 23" all together. But shorten to your preference.

Come in a gift box with a MonkeyFist begleri Sticker and a Zeekio Sticker.