Zeekio Striped Sock POI - 24" Stretch Nylon with LED balls

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Finally! A sock poi with all the flash of LEDs.

These are our full sized, 24" sock poi. Stretch nylon in a tapered design with bold black and white stripes. Comes with two Zeekio soft plastic LED balls. Ultra bright with six diffent modes, including fade, strobe and solid. You will love using these at night, make cool patterns and amazing light shows.

This Poi has an open design that allows you to use the LED balls, or switch it out with tennis balls, pinky balls, or rolled up socks, or anything you choose, the open slot in the side makes quick changes a breeze.

The 24" tapered design is perfect for all types of play. The thin ending makes wrapping this poi around your fingers easy. Wrap once, twice, three times or no times, depending on how long you like to play.

This Poi comes in sets of two with two LED balls. *Do not use anything that weighs more than 4 ounces or that has any sharp or hard edges. It could tear the fabric or hurt when you hit yourself.