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AroundSquare Full Metal Herc Begleri

AroundSquare Full Metal Herc Begleri

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The Full Metal Herc begleri are AO2's first fused-together bimetal setups. They feature our "Herc Core" beads, with the addition of complementary metal rings, which are firmly pressed into place, and secured with a loctite.. which fuses the rings to the cores, creating a fairly permanent setup.

The rings are not designed interchangeable, and because the rings are secured in place, the Full Metal Hercs no longer function as "gut beads" for our hardcore compatible sets.

The basic shape of the Hercs is bottom heavy, creating a low centre of mass which gives relatively more "swing for their weight" than other sets with a more uniform mass distribution. The addition of the metal rings accentuates this feature, giving them excellent stability during play, despite their small size and relatively light weight.

NOTE: These are very attractive sets, but please do not expect a perfect appearance. It takes substantial force to press the rings into place, and in some cases this has resulted in small scratches to the rings or to the upper body of the Herc cores. In addition, due to a reaction with the loctite and normal oxidization, some of the metals, especially the copper, may have a tarnished appearance. They can be polished, but we have left them raw, knowing that our customers tend to appreciate the patina that develops over time, and knowing also that they will be heavily banged up after a couple of days of use.


Designed for use with 550 paracord
Available setups are as follow
Stainless on stainless 12.1g per bead
Copper on stainless 12.6g per bead
Stainless on copper 13.4g per bead
Brass on copper 13.7g per bead
Stainless on brass 12.7g per bead
Copper on brass 13.2g per bead
Bronze on brass 13.0g per bead
Bronze on titanium 8.5g per bead
Bronze and stainless on titanium 11.6g per bead
Bronze and copper on titanium 12.1g per bead
Stainless and stainless on stainless 15.3g per bead
Please also note that items included in the package (strings, stickers, patches, bags etc.) vary in colour and quantity depending on availability, and may not be exactly as shown in the photos.
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