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AroundSquare Greys - Begleri - Skill Toy

AroundSquare Greys - Begleri - Skill Toy

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Greys (begleri)

The Greys are a small, nimble, technical begleri design, developed by Ilya @slingthe0ry Indrulinas—founding member of the AO2 Crew. The bead is reversible and very comfortable during play. However, please note that, while this design is beloved by intermediate and expert players, it was not designed as a beginners’ model. Your mileage may vary, but new players will probably be happier with a slightly larger design with a more traditional barrel shape.

The Greys are available in:
SS natty (mini) - 8.7g per bead
Brass - 9.3g per bead
Copper - 10.0g per bead
Titanium natty (regular) - 8.7g per bead
Titanium sandblasted and shinobi finished (black) - 8.7g per bead
Designed for use with 550 paracord (included). All extras such as cord, stickers, pouch etc. will vary depending on availability.
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