AroundSquare Hydra Mini Begleri

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Each set sold individually-
Aroundsquare's Hydra Begleri are a fun yet highly capable modern adaptation of the traditional Greek multi-bead begleri. All of the Hydra sets have multiple interchangeable beads, allowing for interesting color combinations, and some customization of weight. Mix and match the new Mini Hydras with some of your traditional Hydras and Micro-Hydras, for your own unique setup.

The Mini Hydras are a slightly down-sized version of the original Hydra beads, 14mm in diameter, and 7mm tall each (compared with 16 and 8 in the originals). All Mini Hydras are set up to accommodate 550 paracord.
Stainless/Delrin Specs:
* One stainless steel Mini Hydra bead: 7.6g
* One delrin Mini Hydra bead: 1.4g
* Two delrin Mini Hydra beads: 2.8g
* Total weight per end: 10.4g

Titanium/ Bronze Specs:
* One bronze Mini Hydra bead: 8.2g
* One titanium Mini Hydra bead: 4.4g
* Total weight per end: 12.5g