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AroundSquare LARGE Knucklebone Skill Toy - Begleri -

AroundSquare LARGE Knucklebone Skill Toy - Begleri -

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Kbone L and XL

The Large and XL versions are well suited to players with bigger than average hands, and for those who want a little bit of extra weight and momentum to swing through tricks like sonics and aerials. Specs are below:

Kbone original in delrin: 6cm long and 14g
Kbone L in delrin: 6.75cm long and 20g
Kbone XL in delrin: 7.5cm long and 29g
While the sizes and weights don't sound like much, the feel of the L and XL versions is very different from the original. They are more suited to momentum tricks, and do provide for more stability, but for those with averaged hands, they may feel somewhat awkward at first. If you're used to the original, then the XL "jumbone" is going to look and feel comically large when you first handle it. As with the various materials, the different sizes all have their merits.

The weight and hard material mean it will make a loud noise when it is dropped on hard surfaces, and has the potential to break things in its path. Be careful with it.

Note from the designer: I developed the original knucklebone circa 1989 when I was a kid in school. The crude original version was made from some kind of polymer clay (see photo). The new version is better suited to bigger hands, and has been designed for smoother flow and better trick potential.
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