AroundSquare Modern Standard Begleri- Precision Machined and Polished -

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The Modern Standard sets is sized at 16mm tall by 16mm wide, giving them the same overall size as two of our Hydra beads stacked together. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the design relative to our other products, is the generous top bore, designed to accommodate 550 paracord—a first for Aroundsquare.

The Modern Standard series currently comes in copper, brass, and stainless steel. Note that while the beads are sized to accommodate the Hardcore Gut System, the Modern Standard beads are sufficiently heavy on their own, and do not require the optional beads. . Despite the compatibility, the Modern Standard sets were designed to stand alone, and the beads are sufficiently heavy on their own to play very well. The individual Modern Standard bead weights are as follows:
- Modern Standard - Copper: 16.0g
- Modern Standard - Brass: 15.1g
- Modern Standard - Stainless: 14.1g
Titanium Modern Standard bead: 8.1g
Titanium End Cap: 5.1g
Total setup: 13.2g per end
Note that, if used correctly, the smooth polished look of these ain't gonna last.