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AroundSquare Newton"Newts" Core Begleri - Hardcore Gut System Compatible

AroundSquare Newton"Newts" Core Begleri - Hardcore Gut System Compatible

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The Newtons or “Newts” for short, are like a minimalist version of the classic Herc cores. They are slightly lighter, and the design is trimmed down with a flat bottom and a slightly smaller flange. This retains the end weighting for good swing, while reducing the overall size and weight for players wanting a compact, nimble bead.

These beads are designed to fit inside any “Hardcore Compatible” set, such as the Modern Standards, the Everyman (hardcore models), and the Curio begleri. They also fit with the silicone “Herc rings” (sold separately), through which you gain the advantages of excellent bead control on the sides of the beads, without being slowed down by grip at the top of the bead.

These are a minimalist and inexpensive option for players of all levels, and have priced them accordingly. Please note the finish on them is raw and unpolished.

Newt core copper: 8.8g -
Newt core brass: 8.4g -
Newt core stainless steel: 7.8g
Single silicone ring: 0.4g
Double silicone ring: 0.8g

Please note that items included in the package (strings, stickers, patches, bags etc.) vary in colour and quantity depending on availability, and may not be exactly as shown in the photos.
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