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Duncan Bumblebee Yo-Yo - Responsive Bi-Metal YoYo

Duncan Bumblebee Yo-Yo - Responsive Bi-Metal YoYo

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Now a fully modern bimetal yo-yo, the new Bumblebee takes notes from the original schoolyard-classic Bumblebee and channels that daily carry, grab-it-and-go energy. It features the same extreme slim gap design as the original, allowing it to slip into and out of your pockets effortlessly. Further, it features a small bearing, like the original, and is a fully responsive yo-yo, giving it the distinct aura of nostalgia that Duncan products are well-known for. It accepts both friction stickers and 19mm silicone pads, giving you the power to customize your play. ⁣⁣

Weight: 62.6g/2.21oz
Width: 30.20mm/1.19in
Diameter: 54.63mm/2.15in
Bearing: Size A
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum

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