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Josh Horton Pro Series 12 Panel Juggling Ball (Single Ball)

Josh Horton Pro Series 12 Panel Juggling Ball (Single Ball)

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Perhaps the perfect Juggling Ball! The Pro Series was designed specifically to meet the design and quality standards of world famous juggler, Josh Horton.

Made from 12 pentagon shaped panels of hand stitched synthetic leather with just the right amount of stretch. The advantage of the panel design is that so many panels distribute the pressure on the seam across a wider area, helping to resist tears and the pentagon shape helps the ball to maintain it's round shape.

Filled with millet, these balls land solid and soft in your hand. The more you use them, the softer they get.

Each ball has Josh's initials embossed on one of the panels.

Weight is 128 grams (about 4.5 oz)
Approximately 67 mm wide (2.7 ") A little smaller than a baseball.

You will love these balls, guaranteed to help you reach your juggling goals.

This price is for one single ball.

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