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King Bubble - Giant bubble making system

King Bubble - Giant bubble making system

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When King Bubble set out to create the best giant bubble system on earth, they took their time and thought through every detail. After a year of development, the result is the best bubble system you can buy.

Your King Bubble system comes with telescoping rods made from stainless steel, with stainless steel spring clips on the ends. It comes is a black drawstring storage bag.

It also comes with our unique bubble ribbons in three styles for different wind condition and different kinds of bubbles. The blue bag contains the standard triangle ribbon, the green bah the multiple bubble design for windy condition and the red bag is for the giant bubble design, best used in low wind conditions.

And you get two packets of our King Bubble Potion, with enough concentrate to make hundreds of bubbles.

The whole system comes in a big King Bubble drawstring backpack, to store and carry your King Bubble system.

Directions and a link to our getting started guide included. Free Sticker too!

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