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Magic YoYo

MAGICYOYO T8 Shadow Aluminum Yo-Yo

MAGICYOYO T8 Shadow Aluminum Yo-Yo

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The Magic T8 Shadow stands out because its width is narrow, measuring just at 35.70mm. The diameter is still wide and not impacted with a large catch zone. Also the inner lip of the weight outer rim is good for thumb grinds. You're going to get stable throws, long spins and good speed with the rim weight distribution. The H-profile design also directs the weight distribution to the rims. The T8 Shadow weighs in a whooping 72.90 grams.

SPECS: Weight: 72.90 grams
Diameter: 56.50 mm
Width: 35.70 mm
Gap Width: 4.52 mm
Body Shape: Modified (butterfly)
Material: Aluminum
Bearing: Large C flat bearing
Response: Silicon Pad
Style: string trick (1A, 3A, 5A)

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