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ND Juggling

ND Juggling Bottle Club - Single Club

ND Juggling Bottle Club - Single Club

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ND Juggling Bottle Club - Single Club:
Check out the NDJuggling Bottle Club. It can look like a Champagne bottle or a Whiskey bottle but juggles just like a club. It's perfect for giving a unique flair to your shows and juggling. Whether you're performing at a wedding, a big party, or any other event, this juggling club will get noticed.

Make It Your Own:
Each club comes with 2 Champagne-style labels and is further undecorated. This will give you the freedom to decorate these clubs in the style that best fits your show. The handle can be either taped or painted possibly with a different color knob. The club is made in dark green similar to real champagne bottles and is now available in brown similar to real whiskey bottles.

Who Made It:
This club is based on a design by Tommy Curtin. Stu Reynolds, a historic juggling prop maker, originally produced it. Now, ND Juggling owns the design and makes these clubs with Tommy Curtin's approval.

How It Works:
This club isn't just for looks. It juggles very well and is extremely strong. It weighs 240 grams and is 52 cm long, which allows for a great feel and spin. It's made from a tough material called PolyEthylene, so it'll last a long time.
It also has a cavity in the bottom similar to a real bottle that could be used to hold a ball or other prop.

Length: 52 cm
Weight: 240 grams
Material: PolyEthylene

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