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Play SIL-X Hybrid Juggling Ball -78mm, 180g - SIL-X Shell, Millet Filled

Play SIL-X Hybrid Juggling Ball -78mm, 180g - SIL-X Shell, Millet Filled

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SIL-X HIBRIDS is a standard SIL-X shell underfilled with millet seeds
There's no better way to describe the SIL-X HYBRIDS than our good friend Liam's words. He's been one of the very first to try these balls and we rely on him to give you the picture: I discovered them as I was going to buy a new set of Sil-X, after having used the same 78mm whites everyday for 5 years. Somehow I ended up with the 78mm Hybrids in my hands instead and decided to buy three and give them a try. The next day I went back to the Play stall and bought seven more (their entire stock at the time)! I find the Hybrids perfect for the style of juggling I am practising - mixing contact and toss juggling with some footwork and added silliness - I can easily say that they are my favourite prop for this type of work. They roll very truly and stall very solidly. I quickly found success with many tough synchronous stalls that I had been banging my head on for years before picking these balls up. Although they have some 'russian' properties they are still well behaved during long-path bodyrolls and I have found them extremely useful for my research in this area. For toss juggling they suit my style very well. They are significantly heavier than Sil-X of the same size, which lends to smooth, slow, flowing movements, feeling and reacting to the momentum of the ball. My thinking is that this creates more of a 'conversation' with the ball compared with lighter props which simply do what they are told and rarely have anything to say about it. : ) There are surely tpyes of juggling for which the weight is a disadvantage - they can be tiring to train 5 ball toss patterns, and certain styles using abrupt direction changes and rapid movements will be less favoured by this ball. Coming to talk about footwork, I don't have a bad word to say. Hybrids are just sticking to my feet in a way that gives me great confidence in performing old tricks and learning new ones. They are basically as reliable as any russian type ball, but with the added advantage of being able to roll in and out (still need to learn the Brunn roll though!) It's easy to love these balls simply for the way they open up foot tricks, they really are a joy to work with! So, to summarise, I was in love with my Sil-X for five years and thought it would stay that way forever. When the hybrids came into my life everything got easier and better in ways I never thought possible. I would recommend anyone using Sil-X for mixed styles to give these balls a try for a week and see if you ever go back. An extremely versatile ball, excellent for most styles of manipulation. Liam Wilson

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