Taylor Tries Beginner Juggling Set - Great for Kids!

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World renowned Juggler and social media sensation Taylor Tries Beginner Juggling Set.

What all is included:
1. Taylor Tries Beginner Juggling Balls made from 6 panels of Synthetic leather that have been hand stitched. They are millet filled and are extremely soft in your hand. Not too big, not too small. Just right for beginners and jugglers of all ages and levels. See the difference these quality juggling balls by Taylor Tries will make in your juggling experience. Weight: 110 grams each 6 Panels of Synthetic Leather Millet Filled Made exclusively for Taylor Tries by Zeekio.

2. Taylor's Zeekio Pixie Juggling Clubs a light and agile junior-sized club! The Pixie features a multi-piece design which allows the club body to flex over the inner dowel. The bottom has a durable foam knob and the body has a nice silver-with-black tape deco finish on the handles. Weight: 115grams Length: 16.75". Perfect for smaller jugglers.

3. Zeekio Jr. Juggling Rings, also designed for smaller hands. Great size for kids who are just learning. Smooth rings with bright colors. Diameter: 9.5"

4. All come packed in a sturdy polyester easy carry and storage drawstring bag with the emblazoned with the Taylor Tries logo.

Colors may vary.

This set is everything the beginner juggler needs, sized just right for kids.