Taylor Tries Signature Pro Series Juggling Ball- Professional 8 Panel Ball - 110 grams, 67mm - Single Ball (1)

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This Pro Series was designed specifically to meet the design and quality standards of World-Renowned Juggler Taylor Tries. Made from 8 triangle shaped panels of hand stitched synthetic leather with just the right amount of stretch. The advantage of the panel design is that so many panels distribute the pressure on the seam across a wider area, helping to resist tears. Filled with millet, this ball lands solid and soft in your hand. The more you use it, the softer it gets. Each ball has Taylor's embossed logo on one of the panels.

See the difference these quality juggling balls by Taylor Tries will make in your juggling experience.

Weight: Approximately 110 grams
Width: Approximately 67mm
8 Panels of Synthetic Leather
Millet Filled
Single Ball

Made exclusively for Taylor Tries by Zeekio.

More about Taylor:
Taylor Tries is a social media star in every sense. Her willingness to try anything, even the most challenging of skill toys, along with her amazing skills and magnetic personality make her someone that everyone enjoys following. That is why Zeekio has been honored to team up with her to create Taylor Tries juggling props. With design input, testing and ultimate approval by Taylor herself, Taylor Tries juggling props are products we feel great about.