Zeekio Juggling Balls Taylor Tries - [Set of 3], Synthetic Leather with Panel Designs, Millet Filled, Black/White

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"These Juggling Balls were created to satisfy the design and quality requirements of social media sensation, Taylor Tries.

Hand sewn synthetic leather panels in a six-sided ball with exactly the perfect amount of flexibility. The benefit of the panel design is that there are so many panels that the strain on the seam is distributed over a larger area, which helps to prevent rips, and the six-sided design helps the ball retain its shape. The millet fill lands soft in your hand and won't roll away on those predictable drops. No more chasing after dropped balls. They get softer the more you use them. Each ball has Taylor's logo printed on one panel.

This is a three-ball set. These are the perfect size, perfect weight, and perfect amount of flex to give beginners a step up in their juggling. You will love these balls.