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Wolf Poi

Wolf Poi 85mm Handmade Monkey Fist Contact Poi

Wolf Poi 85mm Handmade Monkey Fist Contact Poi

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Wolf Poi Handmade Monkey Fist Contact Poi

Crafted with precision and care, each poi features a classic monkey fist knot head, known for its unique aesthetic and reliable weight. This traditional knotting technique ensures a solid, well-balanced poi that offers both visual appeal and superior control.

Made from high-quality rope, chosen for its strength and flexibility, providing a smooth flow and a satisfying heft in motion. The heads are tightly woven, creating a dense and durable knot that withstands the rigors of intense spinning sessions.

The handles are thoughtfully designed for comfort and control, allowing you to execute complex moves with ease. You can choose any cord length by pulling the handles, tying a simple knot and cutting off the excess.

Ideal for flow artists of all levels, these poi blend tradition with innovation, making them a perfect addition to your collection.

Diameter: 85mm
Weight: 7.2oz
Cord Length: 20in

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