YoYo Zeekio's Psycho Spin - Aluminum Performance Yo-Yo - Releases Nov 16th

Regular price $26.99
Psycho Spin is a great performing aluminum yo-yo. Made for 6061 Aluminum with an upgraded bearing , classic "V" shape with a slight gentle curve to give a little softness to the string play.

Available in three vibrant colors, the Psycho Spin is a true performer at an insane price. For people who appreciate value in a quality yo-yo, you'd be crazy not to add a Psycho Spin to your collection.


Weight: 69 grams
Diameters: 55 mm
Width: 45 mm
String Gap: 4mm
Upgraded bearing
6061 Aluminum
Silicone Response pads

Available in Royal Blue, Fuchsia and Gold