YoYoFactory WHiP (Responsive) Beginner to Intermediate Yo-Yo - Free Strings and Stickers

Regular price $10.99

The New Responsive YoYoFactory Whip fuses modern performance with classic responsive play.

It now comes fitted with a slim bearing and silicone pad response for tight binds, consistent throws, and long spins. It has a comfortable shape, a textured grinding surface, and at this price point the Whip is an excellent introductory yo-yo for any thrower!

Change to a full Size C Bearing (not included) to enjoy unresponsive play.

Weight ' 56.2 grams

Diameter ' 54.19 mm

Width ' 40.97 mm

Gap Width ' 4.57 mm

Bearing ' YoYoFactory Half-SPEC Bearing Responsive Narrow Bearing

Response ' CBC "Broad Pad" Size 21mm OD