YoYoSam Yo-Yo Hard Case

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The YoYoSam Yo-Yo Hard Case holds between 18 and 36 yo-yos (if double stacked). Keeps them in a soft, protective foam inside, but tucked securely within a durable hard outer shell. Sturdy and shatter-resistant outer construction ensures that your yo-yos are well protected from the outside world. Slots in the inner foam allow you to store extras such as bearings, axles and string. The Hard Case holds 18 average-sized yo-yos on one side, or fill it to capacity with up to 36 yo-yos using both sides. The sleek black outer layer has pre-made holes to allow you to lock it, too. Specs: Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 4 inches; Outer layer construction: Shatter-resistant hard plastic; Inner construction: Foam cut-outs; Capacity: 18 or 36 typical-sized yo-yos (very under- or over-sized yo-yos may not fit well).