Zeekio Black Star Ultimate Spin - Fidget Spinner - FULL CERAMIC BEARING

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Zeekio's Black Star is quite simply the best spinning spinner we've ever seen.

It has a full ceramic bearing. Most ceramic bearing spinners are only partially ceramic. The casing is steel. The Black Star's center bearing is 100% ceramic. The result is the lowest friction possible to the fastest and longest spinning fidget spinner period.

The Black Star's frame is made of a high quality ABS composite plastic. It's more rigid and stronger than a typical plastic spinner.

The three outer bearings are full stainless steel with steel shields. Most spinners have cheaper outside bearings that have plastic shields that can sometimes fall off and effect the movement of the ball bearings adding vibe or wobble. The Black Star's outer bearings are high quality steel through and through. providing a smooth and steady outside weight, reducing any wobble.

Black Star comes with a sturdy black Zeekio zippered case.

People who know spinners will agree, the Black Star is something special that delivers fast, long and steady spins.

From Zeekio, the Skill Toy People.