Zeekio Juggling Balls Taylor Tries Pro Set - [Set of 3] 8-panel, Synthetic Leather, Circus Balls, Millet Filled

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Taylor Tries, a world-renowned juggler and social media star, has created a trademark juggling ball set. These Juggling balls are made from 6 panels of Synthetic leather that have been hand stitched. They are millet-filled and very comfortable to hold. Not too big, not too small. Beginners and jugglers of all ages and abilities will love it. See how much of a difference these Taylor Tries juggling balls will make in your juggling experience. These two-toned balls have a sturdy design that makes them a great addition to parties or carnivals, as well as for ball-passing games, juggling competitions, and as game-winning prizes! Specs: 6 Synthetic Leather Millet Filled Panels, each weighing 110 grams Zeekio created this unique for Taylor Tries.