Zeekio Prism Rainbow Anodized Aluminum Yo-Yo

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Zeekio Prism is an exciting winged shaped aluminum yo-yo with a unique finish and amazing performance.

It's diffused rainbow anodized finish gives it a fresh and exciting look. It has a very cool color feature when it spins it looks steel grey with flashes of color. Unlike any yo-yo you've ever seen.

It's high quality steel ball bearing and silicone friction stickers make this performance yo-yo play as good as it looks.
You need to play this one to really appreciate what a special yo-yo this is.

Weight: 66 grams
Width: 42 mm
Diameter: 53.5 mm String Gap: 4.75 mm
Bearing : Standard C size, Quality Stainless steel
Response: Silicone Friction Stickers