Zeekio Spin Cycle Yo-Yo - Responsive Beginner Aluminum YoYo- Includes Extra Bearing, Bearing Tool, String pack, Glove, Sticker Pack

Regular price $24.99

"The Zeekio Spin Cycle is perhaps the perfect beginner yo-yo. The default specs are engineered for beginner to advanced play. Switching to the extra ball-bearing we added, you can easily turn it into an unresponsive/bind return yo-yo. This yo-yo design returns nicely and comfortably to your hand every throw, so it's incredibly easy to learn beginner tricks such as the long sleeper, walk the dog, brain twister, and trapeze. With enough practice and using the extra professional bearing axle, you can learn all the modernized tricks that you see on social media, like eli hops, DNA, and boingy-boingy!

The Spin Cycle is made of aircraft aluminum metal for better weight distribution, performance, and durability. It also featured spinning side hubs for lots of additional tricks. The Spin Cycle is a great addition to any yo-yo collection, no matter the skill level. At a great price, this yo-yo is bound to be a big hit for players looking for some throwback responsive play or beginners that are just getting used to throwing."